I tend to avoid calling them ‘motivational speeches’ as Polish trainings market limited this method of educational presentation to highly emotional show with the ‘presenter’ jumping on the stage and selling temporary motivation. I prefer traditional ‘lectures’ aimed at education instead of sale.

Of course it doesn’t mean that the lecture must be a boring monologue of self-loving lecturer standing in front of yawning audience. It takes some elements of storytelling, case studies and the best models of public speeches to prepare an interesting lecture the audience will be able to listen to for up to three hours. Only then this form of delivering knowledge may be acceptable for the audience.

This form is frequently chosen by the organizers of conferences, symposia and other events, especially when the participants of long speeches expect something able to wake them up and draw their attention at the same time.
‘Funny’ doesn’t have to mean ‘stupid’ and ‘factual’ doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’.

I believe that two poles may be connected usefully for both the speakers (is there anything worse than speakers bored by their own speeches?) and their audience.

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