Their essence is change happening inside the customer. But there are two conditions which must be matched: this change must be permament and adequate to the current reality – otherwise the trainings are simple waste of time. And with time being something we are all missing in our dynamic world, there is no point in wasting it for some outdated theories of self-development or management taken straight from the twentieth century. Nowadays it is claimed that our emotional intelligence level, managing our mindfulness or understanding the idea of states of flow are responsible for our private and professional success. Today these expressions are integral and necessary element of modern trainings, it doesn’t matter if they regard the area of time management, coping with stress or leadership skills.

Basic trainings offer:

EQ – emotions management

ikony_gibas_com_eqIt has been claimed that emotional intelligence is one of the key competences both in business and private areas of life. It is responsible for building our relationships with the others, creating efficient teams or our own perfectly balanced self-development. But the most importatnt thing is, emotional intelligence is not only available for ones gifted with a special talent. It is something everyone can learn!

Stress management

ikony_gibas_com_stresCoping with stress seems to be the greatest failure of modern psychology, which is yet to find an efficient tool to beat it. So it is no surprise that the experts from around the world tend to look toward techniques coming from the Culture of East. This is why American Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program has recently gained such a popularity.. 

Spiritual quotient

ikony_gibas_com_sqSQ (spiritual qoutient) – spiritual intelligence helps us to search what is inside of us, discovering mindfulness and meditation techniques, learning positive approach, stress resistance and self-acceptance. Having discovered the meaning of our actions on our entire life’s timeline, we simply become better people. It is an amazing journey, the one we are never going to return from.


ikony_gibas_com_coachingThe process of coaching should be properly understood, it will never bring permanent and desired results without an adequate experience possessed by the coach. I am specialized in transpersonal coaching, but before we learn how to work with the coachee’s personalities, we must first understand what the coaching process actually is and what kind of skills it requires.

Ask me about the detailed trainings offer. Trainings regarding topics like ‘The leader as a coach’, ‘Motivation inside a team’, ‘Art of public speeches’, ‘Change management according to the Kaizen method’ are also in my offer. The detailed trainings program will be sent to you by e-mail, just like all the practical information.

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