The goal of coaching process is introducing change into coachee’s life. It happens quite often but this change is rarely permanent. Moreover, the longer is the time since the end of coaching, the less visible are its results. Finally, the coachee returns exactly to the same point where he was before the coaching has started. Enthusiasm, pumped by the coach during the process, slowly disappears and we are back in the place from which we wanted to escape. Having noticed this mechanism, I had tried searching for the solution, then I have found an article written by sir John Whitmore (yes, the same John Whitmore who has invented the GROW model, so highly rated by many Polish coaches) answering to my questions. The only tool providing permanent change is transpersonal coaching. Having explored this system, I have no intention to return to the ‘regular’ coaching. Properly and wisely used tools of transpersonal coaching solve up to ninety-nine percent of problems during the very first session! So is there any point in longer processes, lasting for several weeks? Money? Is it our goal to make the customer visit us frequently, paying for each single visit? I’m sorry, but I don’t think this motivation is the right one. If I have found an efficient tool, bringing permanent change, I feel obliged to share my knowledge. Am I wrong?

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