Who am I?

I am an author of several books regarding emotional and spiritual intelligence, a sociologist and soft skills trainer, a coach specialised in transpersonal coaching.

I used to be a journalist and PR expert but… I was smart enough to quit before it was too late. What has remained is the vast amount of experience gained during my period of work with journalists and PR experts. Today it gives me distance necessary to watch the professional area of life. Now I know there is nothing more crucial than properly worded and asked questions. What a shame that we hardly ever ask them while answering them seems to be even more difficult.

I became interested in training and coaching as soon as I realized that it is easier to live with someone we can ask for advice, possibly someone experienced, who can save us from repeating his or her own mistakes. So I have spent recent years as a trainer trying to show people the shortest way they should choose to achieve their goals, while as a coach I keep asking questions helping them to determine whether their direction is the right one.

Training, coaching, lectures, mentoring and books are actually just the tools I use to share my knowledge and experience. They are nothing else than just the media. Their content is what really matters. If it is useful, funny and interesting, it makes it possible to change yourself, other people and the world surrounding us. And there is nothing more valuable than becoming a better person.

Getting to the place where I am was an amazing journey for me. Let me invite you to follow me and travel all this way on your own.



Jarosław Gibas – sociologist, trainer, coach. He was gaining his experience as a PR expert (co-creator and chief executive officer at Imago Public Relations), journalist, columnist (e.g. „Opcje”, „Warsaw Voice”, „Gazeta Wyborcza”, „Trybuna Śląska”) and editor (e.g. „Echo Miasta Katowice”, „Nowa Gazeta Śląska”).

Since 2005 he is an active trainer specialized in original programs of soft skills trainings, regarding emotional intelligence (change management, stress management, speaking skills) and spiritual intelligence (transpersonal coaching, spiritual paths models, non-religious spirituality ‘SBNR’).

Since 2013 certificated ACC ICF coach specialized in transpersonal coaching area, described by him in his book ‘Life. The next level. Transpersonal coaching.’

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My focus

I am focused on four areas of human condition: emotional and spiritual intelligence, communication and self-development. These areas not only intersperse but they also complement each other. Having gained the ability to manage them, we become better leaders, managers but, first of all, we simply become better people…


Emotional quotient

This skill consists of two key elements: Ability of aware and proper recognition of our own emotions and managing them so we can use their potential to control our life and health; Ability of aware and proper recognition of other people’s emotions and their sources, connected with choosing right actions helping us to build positive interpersonal relationships. Emotional intelligence contains the skills of coping with stress and being professional leader, able to create and manage efficient teams. It is claimed that this kind of intelligence
is responsible for up to eighty percent of our overall success, meaning both: our professional activity and private life area, building interpersonal relationships and balanced self-development.

Spiritual quotient

It means an ability of experiencing transcendent feelings, being connected with our own internal area of sacrum responsible for awareness that we are much more than just a body. It is an ability of staying outside the material world, watching it without any judgement and identification. It is an ability of being in the state of perfect connection with our own transpersonal ’ego’ and using this state to find answers to the questions about the meaning of our life for the others, the missions we must complete and the goals we must achieve. Spirituality should be allowed to draw from different religious sources while it should never been determined by any of them. It explains the growing popularity of the approach called SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious), related to searching our own spiritual way without religious identification. 


Since I have become interested in transpersonal coaching, I stopped being attracted by the traditional coaching tools. I realized that much better and more permanent effect may be achieved in much shorter period of time. Moreover, transpersonal coaching is the only tool I know able to solve frequent coaching problem: the customers are full of enthusiasm and proactively striving to change their life as a result of a coaching process, while all their enthusiasm disappears as soon as the process is over. Finally, the coachee returns to the pre-coaching state, frustrated by the bills left to pay. Meanwhile properly conducted transpersonal coaching brings permanent changes straight into our lives. It introduces coachee to the possibility of communication between different personalities created by certain social roles and appearing on our lives’ timelines.

Interpersonal communication

Communication processes are crucial for building mutual relationships. The way we communicate not only covers our true intentions but also the roles we play in certain social contexts. Discovering the quality of communication between different parts of the system (e.g. between the leader and his team or between the team’s members) helps us to reframe the relations to multiply the efficiency of the team. Interpersonal communication is a key condition for influencing people during both individual contacts and public speeches. Moreover, the way people communicate contains several messages helping us to determine their current social roles or (according to Logan’s THEORY OF LEVELS?) their approach to the world and their place in it.



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